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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jet Academy?
NBA Legend Kenny "The Jet" Smith has run summer basketball camps for over 25 years. With the current pandemic, in-person basketball camps are not happening. So Kenny Smith started the online Jet Academy to fill in that gap and get kids active and getting better at basketball at home, on their own schedule. Along with Kenny Smith and his coaches, Jet Academy has current NBA and WNBA Pro Players providing a week-long intensive basketball camp experience including daily drills, warm-ups, Pro tips, Q&A, video submission reviews, and more. All live or on demand to watch as often as you like.
What age group is Jet Academy's Virtual Basketball Camp appropriate for?
Since our camps are now "virtual," all are welcome to participate however they feel comfortable in the environment of their choice. The lessons are designed for all ages and all skill levels. Once a live broadcast is done, the camper can go back and replay the lesson, slow it down, speed it up, try and match the Players moves at their own pace.
What do I need to participate?
You will need a WIFI/cellular connected device to watch the streaming video. A smartphone, tablet or laptop will work. No other device or software is required. You will also need basketball attire and a basketball. A hoop is recommended but not required.
What time does the lesson start each day?
Typically Camp will start at 12pm ET/9am PT each day, depending on the Player's schedules. If the time changes, we will email the campers. If you miss any of the lessons, they will be in your My Camps Dashboard to view whenever and as often as you like. NOTE: Some weeks we will not have a live camp. In those cases we will have programming on the weekend. Check your My Camps Dashboard for the latest.
How long are the sessions each day?
Typically Camp sessions go from 45 minutes to an hour, and the sessions will include warm-ups, drills, and Q&A.
What if I miss a live lesson?
These Camps will work with your schedule. If you miss a live lesson or just want to go through it again, it will be available for rewatching whenever you are ready. Just login to your My Camps Dashboard and it will be waiting. Scroll down to past days. Watch as often as you like! If you missed a week of camp, they are always available on demand for our members and at a discounted rate for non-members.
Will I be able to talk one-on-one with the Players?
While the players are active in the camps, this will not be like a meet & greet. Before their drills, the player talks live with your host, Kenny Smith, and the Player's daily drills are filled with tips and valuable experience on how the game is currently played. This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from NBA/WNBA Professional Player's on their techniques to be the best. Some days there will be opportunities to have live Zoom calls with Kenny Smith during the broadcast, but it is not guaranteed.
What is a typical Camp day like?
Each week will be different depending on the Player's style of coaching and the NBA/WNBA schedule. Typically, before their drills, the Player talks live with your host, Kenny Smith. On some camp days, Kenny will do live Zoom calls with select campers, answering questions. This is followed by a warm-up session with a trained Jet Academy Coach. The Players then go through a daily drill which is filled with tips and valuable experience on how the game is currently played. Kenny Smith and his coaching staff will then come back and go in to greater detail on the moves showed by the Players, as well as go through drills to improve your basketball skills. To wrap it up, Kenny will go through some Q&A and review some camper submitted videos. Every day is subject to change.
Where can I see more information about the Camps I joined?
All you need to do is LOGIN with the account info you registered with and you will see your Dashboard. All your camp details will be listed there. This is also where you will be streaming the sessions.
I don't see my order shown on My Camps Dashboard, what can I do?
Register or login, look for the orange link that says "Click here to sync your order id." on your My Camps page to sync your order. You'll enter your order number and the email you used for your purchase and we'll sync your order to your Jet Academy account.
Can I change/update my account email/name/photo?
Yes! LOGIN to your Dashboard and you will be able to change your account information. If you need to change your address or infor in the SHOP, use this link to accesss your SHOP account.
Why is the SHOP not accepting my login information?
Your SHOP account is connected to your CAMP account but has a different set of information to process your orders, like your address and payment information. To access your SHOP account use this link and you will be able to create a login for the SHOP to view your orders and make updates.
Where are the Past Days lessons for me to watch?
Just login to your My Camps Dashboard and scroll down to the Past Days. Current and Upcoming Days are at the top, Past are below.
Where can I upload videos of my drills?
As a member of the Camp, you have the opportunity to upload videos of your daily drills after each broadcast. Kenny Smith will replay select Camper videos during the Live broadcast the following day, and the Jet Academy Coaching Staff will be reviewing videos as well. Just go to your My Camps Dashboard and scroll down to the Past Days. Current and Upcoming Days are at the top, Past are below. Click the Player photo on one of days. Scroll down below the replay and you will see a form to upload your video. ATTENTION: If you are under 13, you MUST get your parent's permission before uploading a video.
I'm having technical problems with the Camp broadcast, what can I do?
Camp session broadcasts are all streamed through your web browser on either your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you are having any trouble seeing or hearing the Camp session broadcasts, please email and please include what device you are trying to watch on, what browser, what operating system, and a screen capture if you can. We will troubleshoot with you.
I missed a Player's week! Can I still participate in their camp?
Yes! Since our camps are streamed, you can watch them any time, anywhere. All past player weeks are available now.
Is there a benefit of being a Monthly Member instead of just a Weekly camper?
Yes! As a Monthly Member you will have access to ALL the latest Player Camps to watch on demand, no additional purchase required. Plus ALL additional Player camps coming up. You do not need to pay anything more for any weekly camps, including replays. While weekly camps are $89.99, the monthly camps go all the way down to $49.99/month (6 month) and $29.99/month (full year) billed quarterly. We will also be having Live Members Only Weekend Camps with special prizes and giveaways, and Jet Academy Coaches will take you through recap drills and tips.
I'm a long-term member. Is there anything I need to do to access the Members-Only Weekends?
No! As a long-term member, they will appear on your Dashboard automatically as we get closer to the date.
When will you announce the next Pro Players who will be doing a camp?
Currently most Pro Players are finishing out the season in the bubble, and then they are returning home to spend time with family. But soon enough we will be making some big announcements.
I ordered a shirt from Jet Academy awhile ago. Why hasn't it arrived yet?
We apologize for the delays. The pandemic has affected all levels of the current supply chain, making everything from getting inventory to the postal service delivery taking extra time. If you would like to know about your specific ordder, please email
What is your cancelation policy?
We will refund you before your week of camps starts. But like any live event, once a camp starts, we cannot give a refund. If you are a Monthly Member, once the weekly camps start we will have to charge you for the weeks of camp you participated in at the weekly price. We will refund the difference. Before you join if you would like to see what the camps are like, please view photos from the camp and check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts to see video clips from the camps.

Other questions?

Please email us at and we'll get back to you right away!

For retail merchandise questions, please email


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On your My Camps Dashboard you will see all your camps listed. Click on the photo of the NBA Player and you will go to the day's session.

Daily Sessions

Your session will stream right from the site. No external software is required. Here you will watch drills, Live sessions, and Q&A

Daily Sessions

Your session will stream right from the site. No external software is required. Here you will watch drills, Live sessions, and Q&A



"What a wonderful concept you have developed. I am a nurse and both myself and my husband work at our local hospital. This has been a stressful and challenging time for our family. My son has spent long days alone while we have been working and because of our situation, social distancing is a priority. Thanks to you, Caleb finally has something to look forward to and get excited about. This program gets him out from in front of the TV and he is engaged and getting exercise." - Jessica